Sebastian Beach Grill & Bar Report.

JUNE 2019


Attracting and retaining customers is one of the most difficult challenges restaurants face in 2019. Here’s a reminder of what you’re engaging us for.

  • Website Management

  • SEO

  • Instagram Advertising

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Event Marketing

  • Influencers

  • Newsletter & Email Automation

  • Insights & reporting

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The central hub of your digital marketing strategy, behold your new website is live!

Here’s why we like it so much;

  • Improve your SEO - in fact, we saw an 89% bump just this week

  • Easier for customers to find and read the menu

  • New events section

  • Create dedicated pages for functions

  • Easier to create one-off pages and use those as landing pages from social media or newsletters.

  • Mobile friendly & fast loading

  • That video does more to attract customers than 1 image alone

Website Traffic

Menu Page Impressions


Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising the website and Google My Business page in an effort to increase visibility to searchers. Google’s website rankings are improved by over 200 known ranking factors and we use the latest software to help us achieve the highest scores possible. Google My Business pages are extremely important in SEO, because they offer the chance to appear on the map ‘3-pack’. These appear above the organic Google results.

Foodshot actively monitors your SEO as one of the levers driving traffic to you.

We conduct full SEO reporting quarterly as this gives us 3 months of SEO data - enough data to provide meaningful analysis and insights, and sufficient time for all SEO factors to start taking effect. 

Next quarter review date is 1 July 2019.

Google My Business

Top Influencer Posts



Average Likes



Last 6 Posts



Total Reach


Campaign Summary

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Top Paid Post


We have created 2 automations from Now Book It;

  1. Booking confirmation email with links to Instagram

  2. Thank you email from David Thompson with links to Google + Insta / Facebook

The API between Now Book It and Talkbox is working really well. We’re up to over 14k contacts.

We sent our first event-based EDM re: Prophet’s Rock Wine (May) and have had a lot of success with EDM for Jock Zonfrillo (June).

Up next, we want to create and set-up the ‘birthday club’.

Check back next month to see Long Chim’s newsletter and results


What we did:

  • Launched new website

  • Launched first EDMs

  • Accelerated reviews on Google via email automation (up 25% in 2 months)

  • Ongoing SEO - full report next month

  • Spent $1k on social media adverts which were seen by 50k people

What’s next:

  • Jock Zonfrillo & David Thompson events

  • Birthday Club

  • Vivid Boost

  • New lunch launch

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Onward & upwards

We’re always working to improve and deliver better results. We’d appreciate your feedback on this new report format.

Over to you

You know your business best. That’s why we’ve also included a Heads Up! section where you can share specific concepts you’d like to explore. Perhaps it’s a new menu or dining event. We’ll bring the marketing expertise to help bring your ideas to life in a cost effective way.