Restaurant Marketing.


our marketing approach

Beautiful photos are just the beginning.

Maximise the most important channels to your business: Website, SEO, Influencer Marketing, Social Advertising, Email Automation, Instagram, Facebook - and get them working together.

Then see the results of each channel in a fully customised dashboard giving restaurant owners full insights into what’s working and how to scale.

We act like an outsourced marketing department, giving restaurants real clout in the market for a fee far less than an in-house employee.

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Online Bookings


We do all of this.


Website Design

A restaurant’s website can directly impact the number of online bookings or enquiries received. Not only is it the destination of marketing traffic but can also win search traffic via google.

A good website is the central component to a restaurant’s digital marketing strategy



Winning visibility for search queries when your brand isn’t mentioned can provide a great opportunity to win new customers.

Try googling “cuisine” + “location” and see how your restaurant currently performs


Google Rankings



social media & influencers

Everyone is ‘doing’ social media but few businesses are doing it well. Facebook’s audience creation tools provide businesses with an opportunity to laser-target people most likely to visit their restaurant. If you don’t have a Facebook pixel installed on your website, you’re not doing it right.

Influencer marketing on social media can reach wide audiences


email automation

We think getting customers to come back for their second visit is one of the hardest things to do in hospitality. Foodies are working their way through a ‘list’ and everyone likes trying new places. Retention is critical to a restaurant’s success and our email automation sequences can significantly drive brand advocacy and loyalty.

Image of a Email marketing campaign - which can help improve retention and is vital to a successful marketing strategy.