Restaurant Website Design Ideas + Marketing Extras


4 of our favourite website designs plus some of the marketing features we’ve added to help drive more bookings.

The best restaurant websites help convert people who are researching into actual bookings. So, whilst the design is really important, an understanding of the booking process is critical.

There are a variety of tools you’ll need to use in order to truly evaluate how your website is performing, and how you can evolve your website over time to create a business asset that functions optimally.

In each of the examples below, we’ll describe a feature or startegy we find useful to help win the client more bookings, as well as (hopefully) providing you with some inspiration.

Pastuso - Melbourne (Peruvian)

Melbourne’s best Peruvian restaurant, actually, one of Melbourne’s best overall restaurants is Pastuso.

We know people eat with their eyes first. If we can trigger an emotional response to the site of the food like, “Oh my, that looks amazing, let’s book” then we know we’re going to increase the amount of conversions.

Marketing strategy:

Don’t skimp out on food photography. The more appealing the images, the more people who’ll dine at the restaurant.

Using Google analytics, you’ll be able to measure the flow of traffic from one page to another, including to your booking page. If you have amazing photos on your site, you’ll almost certainly see an increase in the amount of people clicking through to the book now page.

Long Chim - Sydney (Thai)

Widely regarded as the best Thai restaurant in Sydney, Long Chim (which means come and try and taste) is by David Thompson.

We loved building their site which features some awesome video, beautiful photos and showcases their food in a cool way.

It’s amazing how many restaurants still don’t have the ability to take bookings online and integrate that with a table management system.

We’ve placed Long Chim’s booking widget on a dedicated page so that we can measure the traffic to the widget and also, using Google Analytics, where that traffic comes from. Because we run a multi-channel marketing campaign, we want to know which campaigns produce the most number of bookings.

San Telmo - Melbourne (Argentinian & Steak)

Part of the San Telmo Group, this popular restaurant just won the Restaurant & Catering Awards for Best Steak Restaurant 2019.

When we designed this website, we kept a lot of the original elements but made the website far more user friendly - on both desktop and mobile.

Being user friendly, mobile responsive and fast loading is actually great for SEO and, along with our technical SEO elements, this website now ranks incredibly well for both regular search and the local map 3 pack.

Sebastian Beach Grill - Williamstown (Spanish)

A truly spectacular venue right on the beach in Williamstown. Bar, event space, wedding venue and Basque-inspired restaurant. This venue has multiple offerings and their new website needed to showcase all of these services.

Websites aren’t all one way traffic. Not all traffic lands on the homepage and then navigates around based on the users needs. Traffic can enter the site via a page that user has searched for, such as wedding venue Williamstown.

With this particular site, we’ve split out the content to more closely match a searchers intent. That’s why there are 4 pages dedicated to functions.

To see more examples, take a look at our website portfolio for restaurants.

This post was written by the team at Foodshot who are experts in restaurant marketing, digital tracking and multi-channel marketing. You can read our bios here. Disclaimer info can be found in the website terms in the footer.

Clive Morley