The Importance of Great Photography


While we may not like to admit it, appearances matter and we do read books by their cover. We can’t escape the fact that when a product, brand or website looks good, we find it more appealing and we’re more likely to engage with it, recommend it to others and go back to it regularly.

Image isn’t everything, but it definitely counts for a lot, as highlighted by the evergrowing popularity of visual social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Users now prefer to look at pretty pictures than bother with written words, if you’re describing rather than showing, you’re invisible.

Here's why you need to upgrade your website imagery:

#1 - You make more money

There are three types of audiences that visit your website:

  1. People who have no intention of using your business;

  2. People who already know they want to use your business; and

  3. People who are undecided.

Great imagery not only attracts people to your website in the first instance, but it helps them convert. Good quality imagery could be what gets potential clients over the line.


#2 - People connect with photos

Too many websites have poor content that fails to capture the intended audience. Images are powerful as they create an emotional response from your audience causing them to feel, think and act. When you get the imagery right, these feelings create a positive association with your brand, namely intent, loyalty and referability.

Stay clear of irrelevant and overused stock photos. Your audience is probably savvy enough to know they are just ‘internet images’ and therefore is less likely to trust or connect with your messaging.

#3 - Getting your point across faster

Our attention spans are shorter than ever, making lengthy paragraphs redundant - it’s a miracle you’ve even read this far to be honest.

According to the Nielson Norman Group, it takes users less than a minute to decide whether or not they want to stay on your website or spend money with you.

We’re fickle, judgemental characters, us people, because our human brain can process images in as little as 100 milliseconds, which means that when someone lands on your website, they are interpreting the images long before they are reading through the details of your content. Through imagery, you convey your message quicker and with more impact.

#4 - Stand out from the crowd

We are attached to our smartphones almost all the time, viewing hundreds of pictures every day from a range of different sources. With this overload of competition vying for your customers' attention, being average is being nowhere.

Remember, people see incredible, awe-inspiring photos all day, every day (#picoftheday) through social media, meaning average photos just won’t cut it anymore. People want the good stuff, so give it to them.

#5 - Professional photos create credibility

If you walked into a bricks and mortar shop where the furnishing were poor quality and the surfaces were dirty, you would be less inclined to shop there.

Websites are no different.

Bland, out of context, incorrectly sized images are like a shop with terrible displays.

Your website photography should be in line with your price point and your service standard.

Salmon & Bear , Zetland

Salmon & Bear, Zetland

Jason King