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Bloggers & influencers drive reach and engagement

I think most of us can safely say we’ve been influenced on where to go by drool-worthy social media posts. Whether you read a blog, get hungry by scrolling through Facebook or follow your favourite influencer on Instagram, someone’s doing the research for you.

Not to mention, being only a click away to check out said restaurant’s own feed is a great way to check it’s the real deal.

Influencer marketing can be one of the most affordable ways to reach lots (and lots) of potential new customers.

One of the Instagrammers we love to use, Quoc Phan, recently did this post for Hurricane’s which gained over 12k likes.



Influencer marketing can vary in cost enormously. Whilst the Kardashian’s might charge $1M per post, most Sydney food bloggers are happy with a complimentary experience or small fee to cover their time and costs.


Influencers can reach lots and lots of people. They may be followed by tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of people. Comparing this to paid social content, where we typically achieve a reach of 1k per $15 spent, it’s very economical.

The downside is that reach may not be relevant. Instagrammers, especially, tend to have global audiences rather than city specific.

The other benefit is content. Getting access to free images which a client can then re-use is an obvious plus - especially when the images are as good as this.

Then there’s social proof. Customers are not just influenced by great images. A great image, that’s taken by their favourite blogger, which then has 200 comments from other people talking about how good it looks, that creates a buzz. That’s even more compelling.

If the blogger has an actual website blog, they can also create more backlinks to your restaurant website. This can be very beneficial from an SEO perspective as links still increase domain authority, and higher domain authority websites rank better.

Kera Wong