We're Launching a Free Functions Directory


Want to promote your function spaces?

We're about to launch a new functions and events directory with a free listings section.

✅ Show your venue for free
✅ Win leads via our website

What are we doing?

We're going to build an awesome website which allows customers to search for great places to have an event.

How much will it cost to show your venue?

It's free. We're not looking to charge our restaurant or venue partners.

See an example below

Why are we doing it?

As we're part of an SEO agency, we want to build a website that ranks really well in Google for functions related search terms. In order to achieve that, we need content - and that content is in the form of venues who have function rooms available for hire!

How will it benefit your venue?

A potential customer searches for 'function venue Newtown' in Google They then click on our website (yay!) and see all the venues listed in Newtown. They will then have the opportunity to click through to your website. We aren't looking to handle the enquiries.

How do you submit your details?

Simply email us at info@foodshot.com.au and please include your venue's name, website and functions pack if you have one.

We'll then send you the info sheet to submit your details.

Function room at Asado, Melbourne

Function room at Asado, Melbourne

Clive Morley